You Are Not Alone

Rev Gary Napier

BA Theology & Counselling
BA (Hons) Business Studies

You Are Not Alone is a support service that allows men to talk freely about their issues and battles, without feeling shame, guilt, or embarrassment.

In my 10 years experience, I have been privileged to work alongside both men and women, to help them overcome their personal issues. What has become increasingly noticeable is that men are faced with as many challenges as women, yet we are not encouraged to express our frustrations and fears openly.

The myth is: 'Men should always handle their problems alone.' In other words: 'Man up!'.

As a man, I lived up to the expectations of displaying my bravado to cover my personal problems. Yet, deep within me I longed to share my issues with a friend whom I could trust. Although I had friends around me whom I could speak to on a general level, my heart cry was to share more deeply, but this never came.

The response being, I was forced to tackle situations on my own. This resulted in more loneliness, including suicidal thoughts, and thus, enforcing my belief that 'I was alone'.

Therefore, this became my desire that men should not feel alone. I have learnt that through creating a safe space, men can open up and talk.

If this is you, and you would like to talk in confidence, please contact me on:
UK +44 7917 819 375 or Spain +34 602 698 263

Rev Gary Napier

Men, it's time to talk!